Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Me and the girls went Junk-Salin' Saturday.  I don't call it Garage-Saling because...well, that's obvious.  Ever optomistic, several Saturdays a year the girls get their loose change in their little purses and head out to find that elusive bargain.  More often than not we head home dejected with nothing more than a wasted morning.  Sometimes the girls are determined to bring home SOMETHING and so spend their hard-earned allowance or tooth-fairy money on a dollar-store trinket or some disgusting slobbered-upon stuffed animal --BLECH!  These items usually get placed in a pile for OUR future garage sale pretty quickly.

However, this was OUR DAY. 

Emily found a much-longed for pillow pal for 3 bucks.  I had previously refused to buy a pillow pal for 30 bucks.

Sarah got a great deal on an IPOD alarm clock.  5 bucks!  She even bargained and got them to come down from $10...that's my girl!

I got my best deal on a hand-made chest.  The girls are planning to redecorate their play-room into a gaming/media room and this will be made into a toy chest/bench for that room.  I am planning on making a cushion for when they need extra seating.  5 bucks people! We also found some cute girl clothes for Emily, a purse from Macy's with the tags still on and a couple of other things.  Success was OURS!

Guess we'll keep on Junkin'!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Towels and A Great Deal

Okay, I have been wanting a good set of towels since I got married eleven years ago.  I have purchased many a towel over the years which I had high hopes for.  Towels that looked oh, so lovely in the store. Plush, vibrant color, surely THIS towel will not let me down...Only to be disappointed soon after.  I don't know how many times I have put a new towel into the washing machine, a beautiful, soft towel, and later pull out a faded, un-raveling mess.  I get out my scissors and start giving my new towels a trim...Boo Hoo!

Then after returning a few things to Land's End who's return policy is "GUARANTEED. PERIOD."  I got to me some towels and if they are crappy towels...RETURN...GUARANTEED...! 

So, ever looking for me a great deal since these towels are not cheap, I cashed in some of my credit card miles for a gift card and put some towels in my virtual shopping cart.   But...I went over my gift card amount...bummer.  So, I figured there must be a way to google me some free shipping or something.  Found me a code for free shipping and bought me a set of $200 towels for $19.00!!!! Can't wait to get them and see if they hold up.

I am so inspired by my saving, I'll have to take my coupons to the Safeway, later.  Did anyone see the TLC show "Extreme Couponing"?  It was awesome!