Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday we found out Big Girl needed toe shoes to start out the new dance season.  We loaded up the car with another friend from dance and headed into to big city.  Not having gotten farther in dance than kindergarten tap, I had no idea what a process it is to be fitted for toe shoes.

First, Big Girls toes were evaluated and found to be, ahem, a little weird, Fred Flintstone weird...oh, and one foot is a half size bigger. Can you say Daddy's side of the gene pool? I have to take credit for the enormous size of her feet, though.

After pads and spacers were applied the shoe fitting began. She tried on shoe...after shoe...after shoe...Thank goodness for the patience of the saleslady (who happens to be a ballerina for the local ballet company...very exciting to meet her).

Finally, success!  How cute she looks.  You can see how proud she is.
My sweet ballerina.

In contrast, these are the shoes she ordered for hip-hop class...sigh.