Friday, November 5, 2010

How Do You Socialize Your Children?

Boy, have I had THIS conversation before!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Cuties

 Halloween was a big success around here.  Big girl was a greek goddess...we could never pin down which one...She is a big fan of the Percy Jackson books.  We figure she's a cross between Athena and Aphrodite. I made the you didn't know I was soooo talented.
Little girl was Hanna Montana.
Hanna must not be popular this year.  I didn't see another one out there. I did not make this one but I did make the belt and found the matching gloves at Claires.  The wig was a huge pain! 

 The girls were lucky their Daddy got off work early to take them...he has a lot more patience and goes as long as they want to.  They walked for hours until people started turning out their lights!
I had a great time handing out candy.  Handfuls for the babies and little cuties, one candy for stinkin' teenagers who are too old to be scamming for candy (One of my pet peeves).  Anyway, everyone had a good time. Love the holidays!

My New Love

Finally found a new car! It's a Mercedes SUV.  It's awesome...Very gadgety.  I do love the gadgets!  Here's a pic.  It has leather seats, which I don't care for but these leather seats are not so bad...we'll see in the summer, though.  The kids love it, too...lots of outlets for their electronics.  I love the automatic lights and wipers.  I can learn to live without the electronic sliding doors...I've become one of those people who park a mile away from the store so little girl doesn't bang into someone else's car (and okay, so no one bangs into me).