Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance Night

The big recital was Saturday.  Emily was adorable in her jazz/ballet routine.  Without prejudice she was the star of the show dancing to "Let Your Heart Sing" by Katherine McPhee.

Sarah was later on in the evening performance.  She did a sassy version of "He Could be the One" by Hannah Montana.
Next Sarah did her coolest moves dancing hip-hop style to "Ima Bee" by the Black-eyed Peas.
Both girls were without a doubt the prettiest girls and the best in the shows. As you can see I am completely unbiased.There is some debate in the house as to from whom they got their dance talent.  Daddy thinks he passed down his dance skills.  He bases this on a two-minute waltz at our wedding. I think it must come from farther up the family tree. Their cuteness, though...that one is obvious!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day Sweets

 My honey was working on Mother's Day so I wasn't really expecting a whole lot on Sunday.  I expected business as usual but my little sweeties surprised me. 

I was trying to sleep in but around seven a.m. I started hearing my door opening and closing every few minutes with accompanying whispers in the hall.  "Is she awake?"  "No, I think she's still asleep."

I finally gave up and hollered to the girls that I was up.  In they bounced wearing aprons.  One held a breakfast menu (with 5 types of cereal) and the other held an order pad and pencil. For some reason, coffee was not on the menu so I had to request a special order from the chef.

I propped myself up with some pillows, turned on the news and awaited my gourmet breakfast in bed.

Much, much later, room service arrived and served my delicious frozen pancakes (no syrup), banana and coffee.  It was wonderful.  My lovely waitresses asked if there would be anything else and left me alone to enjoy my meal.

Soon after, room service arrived to remove the tray and bring my morning paper (I could really get used to this).

After reading the paper and having a second cup of coffee (and still having not put a foot down on the floor) I discovered a chick-flick marathon on ABC Family.  I snuggled back down into my covers and relived one or two old favorites.

I decided around eleven to check on the kitchen staff. They seemed happily busy with their own pursuits so I decided to exercise a bit.  While exercising I started watching chick-flick number three and didn't make it into the shower until after it was over.

My waitresses arrived with the lunch "manue".  The choices were peanut and butter and jelly sandwich or bagel with cream cheese with water or milk to drink.

I enjoyed a solitary lunch in my room and then decided it was time to rejoin the rest of the world.

The house was actually in pretty good order with minimal mess in the kitchen.  I was really impressed with the help.  They work cheap, too.

Later, we met Daddy for dinner in town.  The pampering continued at home as Daddy got the girls ready for bed and tucked them in as I watched recorded episodes of Dancing With The Stars. 

This was my very, very, best Mother's Day ever! I hope all of you were as lucky as me yesterday.

Happy belated Mother's Day!