Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New School Books!

Yesterday we got 2 huge boxes full of our new home school curriculum. Most parents of home schoolers are taking a huge sigh of relief that they have a break for a couple of months.
Not me. I plan waaayyyy ahead. I love, love, love books. Books of all kinds. I would love to own a brand new set of encyclopedia even though the information would be outdated as soon as I open the box and all the info is free on the internet.
I really love fresh new textbooks. On the first day of school I always hoped I would be one of the first ones called up to the teacher's desk to pick up my new book. I knew the sooner I was called, the better my chances of getting a newer, fresher book. One with little to no wear and tear or writing. Even better than that...a brand new book...MY name the FIRST on the this book belongs to: page!
Maybe when people ask me why we home school I should just tell the truth..."I'm in it for the books!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Go for the Gold

With one thing and another, I haven't been able to post lately. More on that later. On Memorial weekend we all hopped into the minivan and headed to the metropolis of Garberville, California for the Region 1 Tang So Do annual tournament. Big Girl was competing as a 6th Gup or green belt in the 9 and 10 year old division. Little Girl was to compete as a Little Dragon.

Last year Big Girl competed 3 days after getting 8 stitches in her knee. She did not win a medal although she came close. We were really hoping she would place this year to make up some for that disappointment.

Little Girl competed first. She was adorable, yet intimidating. She did an amazing job on her form and won her sparring match.

In her division, everyone wins a gold medal but she surely earned year she will be in the Gup division like her sister so watch out!

Next up was Big Girl. Dad and I had our fingers crossed she would place in forms. She had worked very hard on her form and we thought she'd have a pretty good shot at it.

She tied for 3rd... They both had to do their form again... They tied for 3rd again...

Dad and I were biting our nails. Head judges were called in. The 3 judges made a call. It was 2 to 1 for the other kid. Boo Hoo!

Next up was sparring. She won her first match. It was hard to follow but she had 2 more matches and we thought she was doing well. When the announcements for awards came we held our breath and...

Gold Baby!

Aren't they sweet?....I mean scary! Scary, of course!