Monday, May 18, 2009

Hiking Adventure

Being the adventurous, outdoors-y family that we are. We embarked on a rugged 3-Day hike into the deep, dark, dangerous forest this weekend. We left with only the clothes on our backs. We planned to survive off the land. Hunting for berries and small animals we would eat raw like Survivorman Les Stroud. Ignore what looks like man-made steps into the forest. It is only an of nature's mysteries.
Note the fear on the children's faces. Though they are seasoned explorers there is always a chance someone might not make it.

On the third day, morale is low due to hunger and weakness.

Fresh water at last!

We reach the end of our adventure. The tallest falls in the entire world! (Or within an hour's drive of our house.)
Finally, starved,dehydrated and exhausted,we emerged from the forest to find sustenence and rest in the way of prime rib and wine at my favorite restaurant.
Bet you didn't know we had it in us!