Monday, February 28, 2011

Spelling Bee

Big Girl was in the homeschool spelling bee in our town.  This is the first year she was old enough and was very excited.  She didn't study that much and I knew she would be up against kids much older so I wasn't sure how far she would get.  She was up against 9 other kids from 5th to 8th grade.  She beat out all the younger kids until it was her and two 8th graders standing...they went several rounds before Big Girl made a mistake on ACQUAINTANCE (did I spell that right?)  She actually knew how to spell it but forgot a letter...Bummer.  Still, she got third place her first time out and spelled a bunch of words that I got wrong as I spelled along with her.  What a smarty-pants!

She'll get 'em next year!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Big Girl got to play with the lions at homeschool zoo school!  Amazing how strong this guy is.  Took Big Girl and 5 or 6 adults to come close to being a fair battle.