Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scoliosis- An Update

For those of you who have been concerned or have an interest in Big Girl's scoliosis, she went for a check-up at Shriner's on Friday. She has been wearing her night brace faithfully for 12 hours every day and her curve has decreased from 20% to just over 10%. Yea! Great news for her.

Being a worrier I had web-md'd myself into a frenzy over possible full-time bracing or back surgery. How did we parents ever figure out what horrible diseases and ailments are lurking out there ready to pounce on our innocent babies before web-md?

She has to continue using her brace 12 hours a day but doesn't have to go back to Shriner's for 6 months!

The doctor was very proud of her and said it was all her doing...she is such a good patient and a good girl.

For her special reward we took her to Benihana's and to OMSI to see a real T-Rex skelaton. We also took a tour of a real US Navy Sub...that was very interesting.

It was a cold and rainy trip to Portland but it was a beautiful weekend for us!